Why AreYouDeWhy?

I'm a big fan of word play!

My best friend posed the question, “Are you de(lirious)…why?” as I told him about my plans to return to Vancouver after living in Asia for the past 15 years. After 9 months of continuous job hunting in this recession, I am questioning whether I really am delirious.

I have had time to reflect and do things I didn’t have time to before, upskilling, and volunteering. I’m now certified as a Professional Scrum Master I, Google Data Analytics, Google Digital Marketing & eCommerce, Localization Project Management and volunteer with the Project Management Institute – Canadian West Coast Chapter.

So you want to live in Vancouver?

I feel like 18 months after returning to Vancouver, I have successfully assimilated back into the lower mainland lifestyle. It has always been a passion to share how great the 604 is! I also get asked by my overseas friend's all the time, "what's it like to live in Canada?", so I felt like starting a blog to share my first hand experience with everyone.

My friends tell me my life can also be comical at times, I admit...sometimes...I can get myself into some awkward situations lol...so if I can share some advice sprinkled with some laughter and it helps even one person, I feel like it would be worth it!

About Me

I'm just a Project Management Professional (PMP), Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I), amateur Data Analyst and Marketing Communications Specialist by day and a sports enthusiast, gamer, professional movie & tv watcher and home cook by night!