About Me

My name is Rudy, and as with many other 80’s Hong Kong kids, I grew up in Richmond, BC. As an adult, I have lived and worked in many places including Japan and Hong Kong but Canada will always be “home” and thus in late 2022 I made my way back home to the lower mainland. The running joke my overseas friends have is “there is only Richmond in Canada” as it seems like every Canadian living in Hong Kong grew up in Richmond. 

I have worn many hats in my professional career including spending the past 6 years in a marketing communications role as the main gatekeeper for all things English at a regional SaaS technology leader, where the main verticals we worked on were Location Intelligence, Smart Retail, FinTech, EdTech, HealthTech, and Blockchain. I managed projects such as the company e-Newsletter, the corporate website and many award applications for the Hong Kong ICT Awards and the Asia Smart App Awards.

Prior to that, I was in a Project Lead role for a logistics startup unicorn, where I initiated the Big Sticker advertisement project to market our brand and achieved the highest retention rate in SEA region. I also co-managed the Google project, where we developed the first same-day delivery model of mobile phones purchased online.

In my free time, I like to devote my time to watching my Vancouver Canucks suck it up. A few weeks ago, chatting with a buddy I have known since elementary school, I was reminded of why I became a fan in the first place. My obsession began when I was captivated by a game where I witnessed something I had never seen before. A mysterious masked man in a full set of gear all dressed in black, yellow and red skating his hardest to the bench. It took me nearly 30 years but it recently dawned on me that this incident was Kirk McLean skating to the bench for an extra attacker in a game that they were losing and eventually lost with an empty net goal for the Edmonton Oilers. My first memory of this team is them losing…figures, but Captain Kirk looked sick AF in that all black Vaughn gear, nobody can convince me otherwise. Eventually, I have plans to gear up and get back on the ice with my buddies that I played with growing up and guard the goal once again.

When the sun is out, I like to hit the tennis ball around but after the sun goes down, I also enjoy discovering new restaurants, looks like I have some work to do in Vancouver, some…who am I kidding..a lot of karaoke, and just chilling with some friends and catch up on life.

With my work experience and new-found data analytics skills (let me know what you think of the projects in my portfolio), I am currently in the market for a role in project management, marketing communications or better yet…marketing communications/creative project management. If you have an opportunity or know someone who does, let’s chat and see if we can help each other out!

My Playlist
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Data analysis projects
What my bosses say about me
"A consistent and strong performer."

"I have received consistent feedback from team leaders commending Rudy's helpfulness."

"He has solid skills in understanding technology issues and articulating them in an easy-to-understand language for clients, partners and users"
Jason Chiu
Cherrypicks (2023)
"I brought Rudy on board and it was easily one of my best decisions as team leader."

"He grew to establish strong relationships with internal and external project teams where he was able to put people at ease and command respect."

"What makes him stand out is his willingness to help others. Beginning with project planning, Rudy would maintain effective communication with stakeholders across multiple project teams, creative teams, and management, ensuring the acquisition of necessary information and materials to support teams in meeting project deadlines."
Bonnie Wong
Manager, Marketing Communications,
Cherrypicks (2023)
"He is a trusted professional with a can-do attitude."

"Rudy brought a lot of perseverance and grit to the team."

"He is committed, detail-minded and well-spoken, these qualities have served him well in his role as Project Lead."
Aaron Pang
Country Head and Managing Director,
Lalamove (2016)
"His enthusiasm, seriousness and careful thinking made him a great colleague."

"I personally recommend Rudy's skills and aptitude in project management, multi-language/cultural communication, and sales of product or services."
Charles Chamblas
Regional Operations Lead SEA and HK Operations Lead,
Lalamove (2016)